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Hi, I'm Tom

I'm a performance nutritionist with 10 years experience in teaching people how to live a leaner lifestyle and become leaner people.  I specialise in working with people looking to lose around 20kg of body fat

I've worked in Health and Fitness for over 10 years

I am a former champion bodybuilder. Retiring in 2015 I went into performance nutrition coaching with professional and amateur athletes in Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

I now work primarily with Business Owners and Managers

Using a unique system that I designed to teach athletes to make weight for competitions I coach busy working people in how to eat awesome food that they like and still lose weight

Real people, real results

See how I teach people like Hazel and Louise to improve their bodies without feeling like they are on a diet


Download the Lean Body Blueprint to find out how I helped Hazel and Louise


Learn the 5 Key Mistakes that people make trying to lose weight and how to avoid them

I've worked with clients for 10 years in weight loss.  I've seen the same mistakes appear repeatedly in new client's consultations.  Once these are fixed it's very easy to see dramatic results very fast.

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Over 7 days I'll send you 7 coaching emails designed to increase your knowledge of nutrition and effective habits for weight loss.  In that week you can email me back at any time if you are stuck.

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Download the Lean Body Blueprint
Receive 7 days of Free Coaching
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